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As an Elite ServiceNow partner with over 30 years of enterprise IT experience, we bring unique skills to the NOW platform to help you automate IT management workflows and get the most out of your investment.

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Our ServiceNow practice specializes in software governance, license compliance, audit management, and IT and software asset management optimization to help you unlock the full potential of ServiceNow and achieve an impressive ROI.

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SHI delivers comprehensive advisory, deployment, maintenance, and licensing for the ServiceNow platform.

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ServiceNow Maturity Assessments

Establishing a solid workflow foundation is critical for efficient IT services. You can ensure long-term success with our ServiceNow Maturity Assessment for service management, IT asset management, or configuration management. This will help you identify areas for improvement and ensure you are on the right track.

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SHI Compass

Get expert on-demand support for ServiceNow with SHI Compass. Our team of architects, developers, process consultants, administrators, and trainers will help you with basic configuration changes, upgrades, enhancements, and guidance for your ServiceNow journey. Maximize your return on investment and stay focused on your organization's objectives.

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ServiceNow Store applications

You can streamline your IT service management process by integrating SHI products into your ServiceNow Service Catalog. This will simplify placing orders, managing inventory, and updating your Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Overall, this integration will increase efficiency and save time for your team.

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SAM for ServiceNow

SHI has an exceptional team of licensing and IT asset management experts with extensive knowledge of major publishers worldwide. With their expertise, SHI can assist you in maximizing the value of your ServiceNow Software Asset Management Pro investment and achieving a beneficial return on investment.

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Additional services

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IT service management

We offer tailored ITSM solutions based on ServiceNow best practices, designed to improve your IT department's efficiency, delivery speed, and cost management. Our team of experts will optimize your service capabilities, giving you modernized workflows, consistent IT deployments, and superior quality.

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IT operations management

Our expertise in ServiceNow IT Operations Management provides a complete view of your IT operations and improves your Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This helps you solve IT issues proactively and ensures uninterrupted service. With better accessibility, flexibility, and streamlined service delivery, enhance your IT visibility, health, and efficiency.

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IT asset management

With extensive ServiceNow IT Asset Management knowledge, we can automate the lifecycle of your IT assets, making it easier to manage hardware, software, and cloud assets efficiently. From procurement to retirement, we provide complete control over contracts, finances, inventory, and risk management across all departments.

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Strategic portfolio management

SHI's ServiceNow SPM offering enables IT departments to operate as business units, aligning resources with organizational objectives. Gain financial insights, improve visibility, streamline workflows, and enable data-driven decision-making across your organization while continuously tracking business value.

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Security operations

We can enhance your IT security and incident response with ServiceNow SecOps automation. Our tailored approach simplifies the process, automating workflows and prioritizing threats. Leveraging the SOAR engine, we combine data and processes across departments for a cohesive security strategy.

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Our team of experts can help simplify and automate your enterprise DevOps tasks, resulting in improved software reliability and a faster CI/CD pipeline. By incorporating ServiceNow DevOps, you can enable effective collaboration between developers, and ops teams, get real-time visibility, and streamline workflows to manage the application lifecycle efficiently.

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Join us to learn how SHI and Stratascale can help you empower your modern workforce with infrastructure solutions, including data center services, cloud transformation and optimization, edge computing, and cybersecurity.

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