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As AI progresses, data needs to grow. This doesn't happen slowly, which can make it difficult to manage governance, privacy, and costs. No one said handling these AI data architectures is simple, at least not when you’re handling it alone.

With our private AI solutions, SHI helps you put the right data architecture in place, providing a secure AI environment tailored to your specific governance, sovereignty, and privacy needs. This allows you to focus your resources on innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance and full data control.

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Governance and regulatory compliance

With SHI’s built-in governance protocols, you can be sure that you are complying with changing regional and industry data regulations. Our experts take care of the hard work by setting up controls that automatically perform compliance checks customized to your business. This means you can spend more time generating insights instead of managing frameworks.

Discover more about governance protocols 

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Data control and auditability

Maintain complete data control with our hybrid infrastructure solution specifically designed for distributed AI tasks. Built-in auditing logs and access controls provide transparency into how AI models use data while keeping it secure within your environment. Our experts will also work with your teams to conduct a data control audit, so you can use your new tools quickly and confidently.

Understand data control & auditability requirements 

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Secure and private approach

SHI’s AI experts help you unlock the full potential of your data with tools that automatically encrypt sensitive information—all while allowing controlled external access to valuable insights. With clear data ownership rights, you can share outputs strategically without risking confidential company information or core intellectual property.

Unlock your data potential 

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