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Trusted AI platform implementation and integration services

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Building a robust AI infrastructure can be complex and time-consuming for your IT teams. It doesn’t have to be.

At SHI, we have the know-how to simplify your AI deployment process. With almost 20 years of experience integrating complex data center and cloud solutions, we offer comprehensive services that span all major AI hardware, software, and hybrid cloud AI architectures. Our pre-configured, pre-tested, and hybrid cloud architectures provide a low-risk, streamlined approach to integration. Trust our certified AI engineers and technicians to streamline your AI deployment.

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AI infrastructure solutions

Access the expertise of SHI's integrated data center solutions (IDCS) team. Our certified AI engineers and technicians are here to share their proficiency in hardware configuration services, accelerating your AI infrastructure deployments while minimizing risks. You can:

  • Utilize a Nvidia-certified installer of DGX systems.
  • Provision your data center 3x faster than traditional methods.
  • Reduce deployment costs by 30% through optimized processes.
  • Work with OEM-certified engineers/technicians for Pure Storage, Dell, HPE, and more.
  • Ensure compliance with cooling and power expertise.
  • Leverage SHI engineers and technicians with 1000+ certifications across AI platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, etc).

Build your AI IT infrastructure 

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AI platform implementation

Think beyond infrastructure. Think AI platform implementation. SHI’s certified engineers specialize in deploying secure AI cloud landing zones, and will enable your team to build AI-powered applications that solve your unique business challenges.

We ensure your organization succeeds by using seamless integration and hybrid cloud architecture configuration for leading AI SaaS and cloud platforms, including:

  • Google Vertex AI.
  • Azure Open AI Studio.
  • AWS Bedrock.
  • Microsoft Copilot.
  • Google Gemini.
  • And more!

Explore leading AI platforms 

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