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Cisco solutions to enable your remote workers

SHI can extend enterprise-class connectivity, collaboration, security, and management for your hybrid workers at home, in branch offices or at other remote locations.

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SHI understands how important remote workers are to your organization’s success. Selecting and deploying the right solutions to enable collaboration, and securely access data and applications requires an experienced provider across all these areas.

Wouldn’t it be great to build a remote workforce that lasts? With evolving workstyles and fluid work locations, it’s time for organizations to treat remote infrastructure as a permanent, yet flexible fixture to maximize advantages and minimize risks. Remote workforce infrastructure should address four key areas: connectivity to support necessary applications, collaboration that enhances cooperation across teams, security that balances convenience with appropriate protection, and management and visibility.


Enabling Your Remote Teams with Cisco Technology 

This eBook discusses key considerations for improving connectivity, collaboration, security, and management

August 16, 2021

Our Cisco Collaboration Specializations

Choosing SHI as your Cisco collaboration partner is a smart move. Our proven expertise in helping customers get the most out of their remote workers is demonstrated through our specializations.

  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture
  • Customer Experience
  • Collaboration SaaS
  • Webex Calling with Webex Call Plan


SHI is committed to helping you acquire Cisco collaboration solutions to ensure adoption, and in the most cost-effective way with Cisco Enterprise Agreements (EA).

  • Collaboration Flex
  • Secure Remote Work
  • Meraki


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Collaboration that encourages employee engagement

Cisco research found that 98% of future meetings will include both in-office and remote attendees, so it's important that collaboration technology provides an excellent experience for all. With that in mind, Cisco has improved Webex engagement functionality to provide best-in-class application sharing, screen sharing, and audio conferencing, as well as increase focus on accessibility and inclusion.

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Modern Corporate Office Worker

The office worker spends most of their time in the office so their primary requirements include reliable connectivity and easy, secure access to apps and data. Office workers follow a regular schedule and use a laptop or desktop as their primary device. Their access to the network is secure, predictable and constant.

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Modern Telecommuting Worker

The telecommuting worker performs tasks at a variety of locations so their primary requirements are secure and reliable collaboration and engagement applications. Telecommuters will access the network from a variety of different locations and will use several different devices depending on their location and situation.

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Modern Home Office Worker

The modern remote worker has typically migrated from an office setting to their own home office and expects fast connectivity and easy access to collaborate with coworkers. In addition, many remote workers function as hybrid workers and expect a consistent experience whether they are at home or in the office.

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Modern Mobile Field Worker

Like a typical road warrior, the modern mobile worker is on the road most of the time and uses multiple endpoint devices. Mobile workers need robust yet convenient access to apps and data. Like the telecommuter, the mobile worker accesses the network multiple locations including airports, hotels, and coffee shops.

Cisco Umbrella

Collaboration made better with Webex Suite

Employees perform best when they can work the way they want to work. A collaboration tool like the Webex Suite provides an excellent experience so all employees, no matter where they are or what device they use can collaborate and contribute equally.

For collaboration

Remote and on-premises workers can collaborate with video and share files on any device.

For meetings

Hybrid meetings are here to stay and Webex excels at inclusion and engagement, making it easy for all attendees to participate

Webex is secure

Webex extends your organization’s security, privacy, and permissions, and meets all industry and regional regulatory requirements.

With more than 800 new features, seeing Webex is believing. Let SHI demonstrate the functionality and reporting features and see how Webex can enhance collaboration for your organization.

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Enterprise-class connectivity and cloud-based management for your hybrid workforce

Your hybrid workforce is evolving, with remote and branch office employees working alongside those at headquarters. While your workforce is fluid, you can still extend enterprise-class and cost-effective connectivity to the apps, data, and cloud services your employees rely on. In addition, SHI’s Cisco experts help you improve your employees’ experience and simplify admin and management processes with visibility solutions. Gain control over branch locations and remote users, quickly and easily.

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Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Improve your remote workers’ experience with direct access to cloud-based applications, instead of routing through a centralized data center. SD-WAN can improve security through segmentation, prioritize essential network traffic, reduce network traffic, cost, and unplanned downtime. SHI can design and deploy Cisco or Meraki SD-WAN solutions based on your unique needs.

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Protected Multi-Cloud Access

Seamless access to SaaS and public cloud applications is the first step to an excellent employee experience. Cisco Cloud OnRamp tools accelerate this access which is essential for providing technical parity among remote and HQ-based employees. Remote employees will be delighted with faster and consistent access to Office 365, Salesforce and other essential apps.

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Unified Cloud-First Management

Meraki’s cloud-based network management platform offers simple administration leading to better user experience. Built-in flexibility means you can deploy faster, manage your users and devices, and scale to match your business requirements. With SHI Complete Powered by Meraki, small and medium sized organizations can manage phones, tablets and other devices in real time.

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Management with Cisco Intersight

Cisco Intersight is a complete cloud-based platform that simplifies network management and provides full visibility of your users, devices, teams, and operations. Advanced AI built into Intersight enables visibility and proactiveness for easier management. Best of all, SHI’s Cisco networking experts can integrate this solution with your existing infrastructure.

Integrated Enterprise Security

An integrated approach that includes a SASE architecture can defend your organization against security threats at every entry point, including SaaS and legacy applications. SHI’s Cisco experts take an integrated platform approach in the design, deployment and management of all security components you need to protect your remote workforce.

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Cloud security with Cisco Umbrella

A cloud-based platform like Cisco Umbrella provides enterprise class security that grows with your needs. Let SHI's Cisco security experts design, deploy and integrate Umbrella’s security services including virtual firewall and cloud access security broker (CASB) as a vital part of your scalable SASE architecture.

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Zero Trust starts with Cisco Duo

Secure access to data and apps is a requirement for successful remote teams and employing zero trust means your users and their devices are secure. Your hybrid workers’ needs are constantly evolving, and SHI ensures that your remote workers, no matter where they are or what device they use have secure and reliable access.

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Network access utilizing Cisco ISE

Users must securely access the network to do their jobs. Using context aware identity management, Cisco ISE is a platform that ensures your users and their devices are authorized to access the network. ISE also supports the discovery and profiling of those devices, so you gain better visibility of your network assets.

Experience seamless and efficient remote team access today!

Looking for WAN simplification, bandwidth efficiency, or a seamless on-ramp to the cloud? Are you exploring ways to accelerate your remote team deployment? Making the right connectivity decision in support of rapidly shifting hybrid workforce requirements is daunting indeed. This SHI-led demo is designed to align to your use cases and show how SD-WAN can leverage your existing infrastructure and function in your unique environment.

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Let SHI help your remote team deployments with Cisco technology.

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