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Enterprise networking

Fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for your end users and applications

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Converging your networking and security creates a streamlined enterprise network. This approach offers essential services like switching, routing, firewalling, and more that enable end-to-end automation and eliminate operational silos.

Transforming your business with network modernization can support efforts to expand wireless capabilities, strengthen your networking infrastructure, and deliver secure, reliable connectivity for your users and applications. Our experts will help you identify the right mix of networking solutions that supports your organization’s workflow, production processes, consumer demand, and logistics—all with seamless connectivity across hybrid and multi-cloud networks.

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Controlled access to company's resources

A secure and optimized networking system is at the heart of your organization's success. Our team of experts can help ensure your network configuration is optimized, providing connectivity to your essential applications and data. We work with your teams to minimize security risks throughout your global network using perimeter and internal firewalls. What’s more, we help you to develop and prioritize remediation strategies, ensuring your business departments and workgroups stay connected and productive.

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Greater employee satisfaction with flexible, collaborative modern workplace tools

Modern networking can revolutionize your employees’ productivity. SHI can design a solution that enables your team to work more efficiently by streamlining testing and development—all through collaboration tools and version control. Additionally, we help with private cloud orchestration and cloud-based applications (combined with agile internal firewalls) to provide secure access to essential data from anywhere. You can count on these technologies to enhance your organization's productivity and agility, enabling your team to work smarter and achieve more.

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Optimize business operations

Want to streamline your infrastructure across on-premises and cloud systems? Our server and network virtualization allows you to do exactly that while also optimizing your resources. We’ll work with your in-house experts to deploy enterprise networking solutions with analytics, monitoring, and security that enhance ongoing business operations. This holistic approach ensures your network is optimized, secure, and running efficiently. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your resources, achieving greater productivity, flexibility, and agility across your organization.

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Faster provisioning and deployment of full-stack applications

Deploy full-stack applications faster by removing the bottleneck of manual networking and security service management. By virtualizing networking and security services, our experts and yours can make this a reality, integrating cloud management platforms and other automation tools too. This empowers your developers and IT teams to provision, deploy, and manage applications at the speed of your business demands. We'll help you streamline your infrastructure to achieve greater flexibility and agility, giving you a competitive edge in today's fast-paced business environment.

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Greater insights into greater network performance

Achieve integrated, full-stack networking and security for containerized applications and microservices. When SHI’s experts partner with your network architects, we can enable delivery of granular policies per container, allowing your teams to provide:

  • Native container-to-container L3 networking
  • Micro-segmentation for microservices
  • End-to-end networking and security policy visibility

By working with our experts, you can ensure that your network infrastructure supports both traditional and new applications, providing the security and flexibility you need to meet the demands of employees and customers.

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