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Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Optimize your computing environment with the right mix of cloud and on-premises technologies.

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SHI hybrid cloud solutions help you unlock the technology to drive the business outcomes you desire.

Achieve portability, automation, and deployment of workloads across all cloud environments with hybrid cloud architecture. As part of your digital transformation, SHI helps to modernize your legacy applications by leveraging public cloud resources and private cloud/on-premises technologies. The result: the exceptional deployment and management outcomes you deserve.

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Utilize hybrid cloud solutions to support increased workload demands.

With a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure, you have the flexibility to move your workloads when and where you need to. At SHI, we empower you to integrate the latest software solutions with your existing applications, scaling up and responding quickly to unplanned events—with no impact to your private cloud workloads. We also enable your teams to deploy and automate applications without any hardware dependency across multiple cloud environments. Using versatile, dependable solutions, you can establish a reliable connection with tomorrow’s IT infrastructure.

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Leverage diverse computing resources across your infrastructure and development platforms.

Wherever your data is collected, processed, or shared, you can securely deploy your workloads on the cloud and on-premises. However, achieving this takes the right mix of infrastructure, security, and automation architectures. With SHI hybrid cloud solutions, we partner with you to build a robust system that unifies your layers of cloud services across all environments without compromise to security or control of your data.

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Migrating to a hybrid cloud can save you time and lower your total operating expenses.

When it comes to overseeing productivity, risk mitigation, security, IT administration, and infrastructure maintenance, the operating expenses for running a traditional IT environment can be costly for any organization. They shouldn’t be. Experience an expert-designed, personalized solution that enables your IT teams to run workloads with predictable capacity on private cloud, migrate with higher computing demands onto public cloud, and test resources across all environments. Additionally, the ability to use the same software and licensing across all supported clouds allows your organization to have even more control over your hybrid cloud spending.

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