Data Protection
Fundamentals Workshop

Our data protection fundamentals workshop will provide you with the knowledge and best practices that your organization needs to enhance backup, recovery and archival strategies.

This complimentary workshop is designed to help you understand data protection concepts, rights and technologies in this ever- changing digital world. No prior knowledge is required for this half-day event.

Our expert panel will conduct a whiteboard discovery session at the beginning of each workshop to identify your company’s needs and desired outcomes. We’ll provide you with an overview of data protection, its importance and true cost of data loss. You’ll learn how different types of data can be protected. Followed by essential data protection tips, tricks and proven strategies.

Through a series of product presentations, software demonstrations and discussions, we’ll disclose what each data protection solution can deliver. Expect to walk away with the information needed to determine which solution is right for your business.

Reasons to Attend

  • Learn the importance of data protection and the true cost of data loss
  • Explore data protection trends and predictions
  • Examine the challenges and use cases for data protection
  • Understand the different data protection methods and recovery processes
  • Participate in a whiteboard session with our data protection architects to discuss your current environment and business requirements
  • Obtain a technical product deep dive and demo of the software interfaces for each data protection solution
  • Perform a comprehensive feature and functionality comparison across the data protection solutions
  • Evaluate data protection solutions from different vendors to determine if they are a fit for your organization

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