SHI's managed service realizes over $3.3M in savings for a not-for-profit health insurance provider

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A not-for-profit health insurance provider providing health, dental, life, and Medicare coverage to over one million members since 1938.


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SHI’s service saved $135k by removing risks associated with over-deploying Microsoft System Center and Windows Server.


We realized $426k in savings from reduced SQL Server and Systems Center maintenance.


Pending business approval, we’ve identified a further $2.8M in savings across several software platforms.

SHI's software license managed service helped a not-for-profit health insurance provider unlock over $3.3M in potential savings, streamlining their license management and compliance.


Providing medical coverage to over one million members for nearly a century, our customer faced difficulty building a trustworthy and holistic view of their software licenses.

Managing and analyzing procurement, contractual, and usage rights documentation was challenging with their current solution. To ease their IT team’s burden and continue providing exceptional services for their members, our customer needed to streamline their software license management.

They needed a comprehensive solution that simplified how they managed and analyzed their complex license entitlements, usage rights, commitment management, and analysis actions.


SHI's ITAM experts were more than happy to help. We leveraged our software license managed service to:

  • Provide a platform utilizing SHI’s Management Information Exchange to build, manage, and analyze entitlement and control license management in a centralized repository.
  • Create processes for delivering ongoing entitlement and terms reviews to ensure compliance, as provided to them by SHI's expert license consultants.
  • Facilitate analysis of usage rights across several software publishers that weren't previously achievable before SHIs Software Asset Managed Service. This resulted in optimization insights that have allowed them to significantly reduce costs.


SHI's software license managed service helped our customer secure massive cost savings. We removed the risks associated with over-deploying Microsoft System Center and Windows Server, saving $135k.

We also optimized the use of SQL Server and Systems Center, improving overall operational efficiency and reducing maintenance and support costs by $426k.

With our help, our customer now has a roadmap for implementing changes or reviews to its subscription services. Upon business approval, these changes could lead to massive savings in the future. We’ve identified a potential $2.8M in additional savings. This covers software like Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Server, and Oracle Java SE, demonstrating the significant impact of efficient software license management on a company's bottom line.

“Optimizing our customer’s license management didn’t just make their jobs easier, it also realized over $3.3M in savings.”

- SHI’s ITAM team


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