SHI’s managed services and expertise help an e-signature giant save $4M per year

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A global leader in e-signature solutions, enabling secure digital document management and automation.


SHI’s cost savings assessment identified actionable opportunities to optimize cloud costs and manage commitments.

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Monthly savings from implementing a new commitment strategy with continuous management.


Net savings per year by moving to SHI’s management strategy.


Reduced monthly waste from adjusting commitments alongside changes in their environment.

A leading e-signature company saved $4M per year by implementing SHI's continuous optimization service and cost-saving strategies.


Our customer recently saw significant growth of their cloud technology, bringing difficult challenges for their teams. As their customer base expanded, they needed to remain competitive by adding new functionality to their product while still controlling spend.

Unfortunately, their in-house engineering team lacked the necessary time and expertise to strike this balance, and they needed help reigning in their costs. They came to SHI for help.


We provided a comprehensive cost savings assessment to help the customer address their cost control challenges. Our assessment:

  • Gave a complete view of their expenses.
  • Identified potential savings opportunities.
  • Presented a range of options to implement cost-saving measures through managed services.

We also identified and addressed waste in the customer’s current commitment strategy, which uncovered additional avenues for savings.

To ensure continuous cost optimization, we implemented our Continuous Optimization Service, allowing for the management of all currently owned commitments and the development of a forward-thinking sustainable strategy.


By introducing a new commitment strategy with continuous management, our customer achieved monthly savings of $201K. This change allowed our customer to adapt their commitments in response to changes, ensuring resources were used efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, by proactively identifying and acting on unused commitments, the customer was able to reduce waste by $158K per month.

As a result of adopting SHI’s management strategy, our customer achieved a net savings of $4M per year, demonstrating the significant impact of our services on their bottom line. Beyond these considerable financial gains, SHI also provided our customer granular visibility into product-level cloud costs. This detailed insight facilitated better business predictability and outcomes, equipping our customer with the knowledge and control necessary for long-term success.

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