Case Study:

County Government Expands Data Center with Increased Storage Capacity and Networking Performance

SHI delivers storage, networking and wireless solution featuring Cisco, Meraki and HPE Nimble Storage technology


Customer Profile

A local state county


The customer needed a complete overhaul of their data center to improve primary application speed and performance, and increase overall storage capacity.


Data Center

SHI partnered with HPE Nimble Storage to perform a Storage Assessment – evaluating the customer’s current storage infrastructure – then worked with Meraki and Cisco on a new server, networking and wireless solution.


Cisco Merkaki HPE


  • SHI added tremendous value in the areas of support, procurement, strategy and design.
  • Ease of management for limited IT staff.
  • Expanded storage capacity – ensuring a much faster and more agile use of the new and improved applications.
  • Upgraded wireless network to help with phone system.

Supporting almost 100,000 full-time residents and seasonal waves of eager tourists, a county that long balanced nature and history was slipping into the past using outdated data center equipment. Faced with either modernizing its data center or opening it up as an IT museum, the local government contacted SHI.


Making due with aging infrastructure, the county’s small IT staff spent endless cycles performing day-to-day maintenance on its existing storage solution, wireless network and outdated phone system. After a sudden and severe drop in the performance of their primary applications pushed storage capacity to the limit, the county desperately needed a complete overhaul of its data center.


Knowing state and local governments often seek multiple, competitive solutions by engaging both indirect channel partners and OEMs directly, SHI’s storage architects knew all options were on the table. Calls to various partners were initiated with the goal of delivering a best in class solution on time and under-budget.

SHI and HPE Nimble Storage offered a Storage Assessment to evaluate the customer’s current storage infrastructure and project the amount of data they would accumulate as they continued to expand. To address their server storage, networking and wireless setup, SHI enlisted the help of Cisco and Meraki who offered several options that could handle fluctuations in network bandwidth.

The county reviewed various proof of concepts – a process that took nearly nine months – and was confident in both the technologies presented and SHI’s vendor-agnostic approach. The awarded contract included:

  • Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS), Power Supplies and Accessory Kits
  • Meraki Cloud Security Appliances, Enterprise Software Licenses and Dual-Band Antennas
  • HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Hard Drives featuring 210 TB capacity

After deployment, the increased storage and faster network performance injected the desired agility and reliability into the county’s primary applications and freed IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. SHI’s ability to span both manufacturers and technologies produced an efficient solution that unlocked value for the customer in terms of design, support, procurement and deployment.