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    As this workforce management company discovered, SHI’s IT Asset Management services help organizations clear compliancy and cost challenges with their software, efficiently optimizing licenses and entitlements to match usage.


    With the total cost of ownership for their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) spiraling out of control, a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions was eager to switch managed services providers. SHI had previously worked with this customer to address an untimely software audit. The successful outcome of that audit had built a trust that ultimately led to SHI winning their Managed Services Provider RFP.


    SHI's ITAM Managed Services helped the customer gain control over their Microsoft EA by analyzing entitlement usage and spend. Specifically, they requested SHI expand their managed services engagement to include IBM, Oracle, and VMware. To get this done, SHI's ITAM team customized a solution that included homogenizing the customer's environment by integrating its own IP with external data sources.

    Additionally, we created a standard reporting platform where the customer could access their data 24/7 in a private, secure web portal.


    In the first year, SHI saved the customer $500,000 by identifying license usage and utilizing (or removing) unused entitlements, resulting in a net cost reduction. Since then, they’ve recognized over a million dollars in savings through risk avoidance and reduction.

    What’s more, SHI's experts provide quarterly executive summaries and trending reports that quickly show the complete story. This documentation empowers key stakeholders to convey the logic behind their decisions to upper management. When needed, SHI will also regularly meet in person with the customer’s executive team to walk them through any relevant presentations.

    The customer also continues to make use of SHI’s JDisc tool to scan their entire corporate environment while developing a streamlined procurement process. This process locks in an optimized pricing structure, which creates a dynamic catalog for their MSL and includes integration into ServiceNow for up to 700 additional publishers and application providers.

    “SHI's experts currently provide quarterly executive summaries and trending reports that quickly show the complete story.”

    - SHI’s ITAM team


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