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Generative AI is revolutionizing how businesses operate with studies showing it can boost highly skilled workers’ productivity by as much as 40%. With stats like that, its successful adoption is crucial. Yet, few blueprints exist for effective implementation, and technology leaders are unsure how to leverage AI safely and efficiently in their organizations.

SHI has the expertise to help you navigate this uncharted path. From briefings and workshops to labs and implementation services, our services can successfully identify, prioritize, and execute your top generative AI use cases, so you can deliver meaningful value back to your organization.

A process flow diagram with three main phases titled ‘Educate and Advise,’ ‘Validate and Select,’ and ‘Execute and Embrace.’ Each phase has specific steps indicated by keywords such as ‘Orient,’ ‘Identify,’ ‘Select,’ ‘Educate,’ ‘Experience,’ ‘Evaluate,’ and ‘Achieve.’ The steps are interconnected by a large arrow, showing progression from one phase to the next on a dark gradient background

Generative AI Program Review

SHI can guide you in adopting generative AI safely and effectively. Our multi-phase implementation framework accelerates time-to-value by 50%, guides key decision making, fosters AI culture, and moves quickly while minimizing risk. Our briefing will help develop a strategy that works best for your organization and provides access to a network of experts for support. Start your generative AI journey with SHI today.

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AI in the Microsoft Ecoverse Briefing

Explore AI capabilities and use cases to tackle security and productivity challenges in the Microsoft Ecoverse. In this briefing, you’ll see how Microsoft's AI-powered tools, like Copilot and Power Platform, are designed to maximize productivity, secure IT infrastructure, and unlock real-time insights from data. With AI integrated into Power Platform, you can automate processes, improve customer experiences, and develop custom apps, futureproofing the way you do business.

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Azure Open AI Briefing

This briefing is essential for cloud developers and businesses. Get the necessary tools to create AI models for a scalable, efficient, and secure platform, one that can develop and deploy exciting AI applications. You’ll also learn how to leverage Azure through OpenAI, which can help your organization stay interoperable and competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. That way, you can have flexibility and a competitive edge as you deploy AI models from open-source frameworks.

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AI in Security Briefing

Discover how to safely navigate the complexities of AI security. You’ll gain insight into the expanding risk landscape created by bad actors, exploring the latest strategies and technologies being used to mitigate these risks. We also make sure you’re prepared to implement careful governance within your organization and use AI to defend against emerging threats such as AI-powered cyber-attacks and deepfakes.

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Use-case Development Workshop

Building an AI strategy but struggling to deliver results? Or even put a plan on paper? Work with SHI’s AI advisory team to connect generative AI’s capabilities to your unique business problems. We’ll help you identify and prioritize your business's top three to five generative AI use cases, assessing data readiness and risks. Then – together – we’ll develop a detailed roadmap to deliver quick, safe, meaningful value to your organization.

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AI training services


Equipping your workforce with the skills to use generative AI safely and effectively can result in 25% faster completion of work tasks. To drive their AI literacy and tool adoption, partner with SHI’s training services team. We’ll deliver custom, high-impact learning that not only minimizes the risks but maximizes the benefits of your AI technology investment.


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Copilot implementation and optimization

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool that can enhance productivity and empower your entire organization. Still, to leverage its potential, organizations need to integrate it with their data, culture, and strategy. Our service ensures a smooth and successful implementation, adoption, and expansion while addressing challenges and gaps. With our help, organizations will maximize the effectiveness and value of Copilot for M365 and take their productivity to new heights.

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Spotlight on customer success

See how our teams and partners help organizations like yours achieve superior business and security outcomes.

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Predicting which 2024 tech trends will emerge as the next AI or sustainability 

Our experts discuss the past year's highs and lows and share their forecasts for the year ahead.

February 07, 2024
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Learn how to maximize the impact of AI and low-code with Microsoft 

SHI’s Solve What's Next webinar series continues with a discussion on AI and low-code.

December 08, 2023
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No, Generative AI didn’t murder the metaverse. It humanized it. 

The metaverse provides a platform, and generative AI fills it with life.

August 25, 2023

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