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Your IT teams need to conquer the pressures of the modern workplace. But under-resourced staff miss deadlines, hinder the productivity of your workforce, and aggravate employee burnout.

Tight deadlines and constrained budgets obstruct your ability to bridge skill gaps and get projects done. But the faster you find the right talent, the faster you can meet your business objectives. With in-depth IT knowledge and a vast pool of consultants, SHI can provide the perfect resources for your short- and long-term IT projects.

We handle the overall talent lifecycle process – from hiring and onboarding to offboarding – to help you eliminate associated overheads and avoid unwanted strain on your team or your budget. With minimal commitment and rights to hire after six months, it’s easy to recruit the best talent for your IT teams.


Get expert IT staffing services at competitive rates.

Recruiting full-time employees may not make the most sense for your seasonal or unexpected business needs – and that’s okay.

By leveraging SHI’s staff augmentation services, you can reap the benefits of hiring technology experts while avoiding the costly operational overheads associated with full-time recruitment, including training, onboarding, screening, and office outfitting.

When you tap into SHI’s expansive and exceptional talent pool, you can swiftly close your skill gaps at competitive rates and with no hidden fees.

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Unlock immediate access to a broad set of skills and expertise.

When you need temporary or immediate access to technology specialists, SHI’s staff augmentation services let you skip the arduous recruitment cycle – so you can hit the ground running on your impending IT projects.

We offer an extensive pool of highly available and skilled talent of over 15,000 U.S. and 12,000 international candidates.

Our broad range of professionals are multilingual, highly educated and motivated, time zone aligned, and will communicate instantly with your internal teams. Our specialisms include project managers, developers, network engineers, help desk analysts, and more.

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Accelerate project delivery and implementation without burning out your teams.

Don’t worry about unexpected workloads bogging down your business. Instead, be agile enough to onboard talent when needed, with the option to relieve them and return to business-as-usual once demands are met.

SHI’s staff augmentation services take care of everything related to your talent acquisition. Offload the strenuous and time-consuming cycle of job posting, interviewing, paperwork, and onboarding, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

We’ll help deliver your niche and critical IT projects with extra resources from the outset, allowing your existing teams to deliver on strategy while saving time and effort.

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Choose the best-fitting service option for your needs.

Building a flexible and scalable workforce is tough. Finding the best talent for your open roles adds to the pressure, especially when recruitment often depends on accurate applications, honest interviews, and out-of-context skill tests.

With SHI, you gain access to the talent that best aligns with your projects and priorities – with guaranteed skill and experience. Our flexible agreement empowers you to scale up or down the size of your recruited team as needed, and you can even swap resources when requirements change.

Choose the service option best-suited for your needs – from single-month contracts and permanent placements to temp-perm agreements with rights to hire after six months.

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Reap the rewards – and avoid operational risks.

When it comes to leveraging staff augmentation, you need a partner you can trust to deliver the skillsets and expertise you need to succeed.

SHI works with you to learn the ins and outs of your unique and evolving needs. We assemble the right team for your short- or long-term projects, closing your preexisting skill gaps. When you’re ready to start, we’ll manage the onboarding of your new team. And when your projects are complete, we’ll handle the offboarding.

To avoid any potential business or operational risks, you’ll have full control of the data shared and accesses granted to our external resources as we set up governance rules and help you define the scope of your projects.

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