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Making software licensing easy, no matter how complex your estate

SHI’s licensing experts take away the confusion and pain around volume licensing for more than 150 vendors, letting you focus on your business.

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Maximize the value you realize from your software licensing agreements with the expert guidance and dedicated support provided by SHI’s Volume Licensing Services.

With thousands of software titles from hundreds of vendors on your estate, we get that software licensing is complex. And that complexity can lead to overspend, compliance risks and poor user experience.

To help you optimize and simplify your volume licensing across more than 150 software vendors, SHI has one of the largest and most capable software advisory services you’ll find anywhere. From advice on which programs best suit your organization’s individual needs through to proactive vendor management, software renewals, contract co-terming and consolidation, true-ups and more, our teams will help you stay on top of software licensing across all platforms.

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Proven guidance backed by our ridiculously helpful specialists

Your procurement team deals with hundreds of vendors every year. They don’t have time to delve into the complexities of software licensing programs and terms. Luckily, our volume licensing experts are highly specialized with in-depth knowledge of program options such as:

to help you build and manage the most cost-effective and efficient volume licensing agreement possible.

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Bringing clarity and insight to your volume licensing management

With SHI, you can rely on our teams to remove the burden of staying current with changes to vendor licensing programs. We constantly monitor the schemes offered by more than 150 vendors and proactively alert customers when changes affect them or there are opportunities to get a better deal.

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Confident decision-making

Our licensing experts get into the details. They work with you to gather all the relevant information about your licensing needs – the products, volumes, geographies, environments, and more. They’ll review this against the different licensing programs available to you and present you with the pros and cons of the different options so that you can be confident that the program and pricing you sign up to are the best option for your business needs.

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Mitigating the impact of changes

Because all our licensing analysts are vendor certified, they work closely with our software partners and are briefed regularly about changes to licensing terms and conditions. SHI’s licensing experts can alert you to relevant changes in both product licensing and program details and assess their potential impact on your organization. We’ll help you take advantage of changes that work in your favor and mitigate the impact of those that don’t.

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Supporting your annual true-up

Preparation is the key to a successful true-up. SHI’s licensing experts will ensure that you make the most of your existing license entitlements before you make any purchases. They will then identify the correct licenses to purchase to reflect your consumption and needs. And if you’re struggling to get the information you need to make your decision, SHI’s ITAM experts can give you a little extra help to put together an Optimized License Position.

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Managing your renewal schedule

While volume licensing means fewer purchases, contracts, and invoices, you probably have agreements with multiple vendors. If you’re struggling with the volume of renewals you are managing, SHI’s renewals optimization service takes care of everything – including taking the opportunity to optimize your licensing investments. Or use SHI’s free online PRO Renewal Organizer to help you track and manage renewals so you’re never surprised or unprepared.

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Preparing for the next contract

Did you know that some software vendors start planning for your next contract almost before the ink is dry on your current one? The good news is that SHI’s licensing experts will do this for you too. They’ll analyze your contract and licensing data to make sure you’re extracting every drop of value from your current investment. And they’ll identify where there are opportunities to make changes when you’re preparing to sign the next contract.

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Managing license compliance 

If you’re worried about license compliance, then relax. SHI’s highly skilled team of IT and Software Asset Management experts offer a range of services from a one-off Optimized License Position to a comprehensive managed service. Our ridiculously helpful experts will ensure that you have the insight you need to manage your volume licensing effectively, meaning you can say goodbye to worries about license complexity and understanding compliance.

To learn more about our volume licensing services, reach out to your SHI Account Executive or contact us today.

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