Case Study:

Texas Medical Clinic Replaces Legacy Disc Technology with Next Generation Storage Solution

SHI performs environment assessment and improves data center performance and efficiency


Customer Profile

Central Texas Medical Clinic


A crucial medical billing app was slowly dying, causing major outages and overall performance issues.


Data Center

SHI ran a hardware and platform analysis to gather performance and storage metrics, and recommended a Pure Storage and Cisco UCS solution.


Pure Cisco


  • Improved customer performance and efficiency
  • Reduced customer rack space requirements from 30 units to three
  • Lowered the customer’s operational expenditures by lessening their monthly recurring costs for data center power and cooling

"There's an app for that" is a saying we use to solve most problems nowadays, but what if the problem lies within the app? This medical clinic faced this very issue … or so they thought.


A Central Texas medical clinic, with hundreds of practitioners across 15 locations, faced one giant business challenge – a crucial billing app was slowly dying of old age. The outdated app caused major outages and overall performance issues and was in danger of shutting down – posing a threat to the customer’s entire business operations.

After failing to resolve the problems internally, the clinic suspected the issue could only be resolved by a solutions provider who would not only fix the app, but dig deeper to find the root of the problem.


SHI’s server and storage specialists performed a data center hardware and cloud platform analysis to gather performance and storage metrics from the customer’s environment. After reviewing the results, SHI realized the problem lied not in the billing application itself, but rather in the existing overall data center architecture. The outdated infrastructure was complicated and unable to keep up with the business’s capacity requirements. And on top of that, it was extremely pricey to maintain!

The prescription called for SHI architects to configure a solution consisting of (2) Pure Storage M20 arrays as a next-generation, purpose-built storage component, and (7) Cisco UCS servers to replace their legacy disc technology. SHI installed the Pure Storage components while the customer handled the server installation themselves.

The easy-to-use solution immediately improved the app’s performance and efficiency, while shrinking the clinic’s rack space requirements from 30 units to three! The rack reduction lowered the customer’s operational expenditures by lessening recurring costs associated with power and cooling. The solution was a future-proofed investment that will continue to gain value throughout the life of the products.

From analysis through deployment, the extended team completed the project in eight months, improving overall efficiency and saving time and money both up-front and in long-term operational costs.