Global biopharma leader ensures compliance and significant savings with SHI's ITAM services

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A global leader in the biopharmaceutical sector delivering groundbreaking medicines that empower patients to overcome diseases.


SHI’s ITAM services helped with Microsoft compliance support, risk mitigation, and cost management.

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    SHI's ITAM services saved $548K and minimized risks via efficient Microsoft product management.

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    Cloud strategy shift

    SHI identified a need for a balanced Azure and AWS cloud strategy for optimal licensing benefits.


    The customer realized a potential savings of $1.3M in SQL and $134K in Visual Studio.

    SHI's IT Asset Management services helped a biopharma giant achieve significant cost savings, optimize their cloud strategy, and maintain Microsoft compliance.


    As a longstanding customer of SHI's ITAM services, the biopharmaceutical company has completed several service extensions, with the current one extending our partnership until August 2026. Recognizing the consistent value and outcomes delivered by SHI, the company entrusted our team with the critical task of maintaining continuous compliance in their Microsoft environment.


    SHI enabled steadfast compliance support for Microsoft by leveraging our consultative expertise in licensing, ensuring risks are minimized and environments remain optimized. Our ITAM services included:

    • Coordinating all resources and tools by utilizing project management methodologies.
    • Combining SHI and customer tool outputs to maximize the opportunity for accuracy and actionable insights.
    • Implementing effective risk mitigation and cost management associated with potential audits and procurement activities, ensuring the customer’s peace of mind and security.


    As a result, the customer realized $548K in cost savings and mitigated risks in the past year. This was achieved by efficiently managing Windows Server Datacenter, SQL, and Visual Studio, and identifying and addressing inactive or disabled 365 users.

    SHI also identified a high-priority reconsideration of cloud strategy, noting the use of both Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), not solely AWS, could prevent the customer from missing out on potential Microsoft hybrid-use license benefits.

    From this recommendation, the biopharma leader saw $1.3M of potential savings in SQL and $134K in Visual Studio.

    “Recognizing the consistent value and outcomes delivered by SHI, the global biopharmaceutical giant entrusted our ITAM team.”


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