Biomedical firm saves nearly $1M with SHI's IT asset management

Customer profile

A biomedical company developing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality sterile injectables across the U.S. and Canada.


SHI’s Software Asset Management Services team optimized their entitlements and provided continuous inventory monitoring.

Business of IT  |  ITAM and SAM  |  Pharmaceuticals






    Saved by strategically managing and optimizing Microsoft end-user device software and data center products.


    In potential savings by reducing Microsoft Project once future renewal points arrive.


    Range of potential savings on Microsoft data center titles, pending a positive cost-benefit analysis of workload reconfiguration.

    Leveraging SHI's IT asset management (ITAM) services, a leading biomedical company significantly reduced costs and enhanced operational efficiency.


    Due to resource and time constraints, our customer faced significant ITAM challenges. They needed a dependable partner who could help effectively manage their IT assets.

    There was also a suspicion of existing unnecessary costs and inefficiencies in their operational environment, but the company struggled to find substantial evidence to corroborate their suspicion. They sought a service provider committed to delivering continuous value and enhancing the knowledge of their in-house team, helping them navigate and optimize their IT environment.


    The company leveraged the expertise from SHI's Software Asset Managed Service team, which helped managing their ongoing entitlements and purchases.

    Our experts provided insight into potential wastage and aligned financial goals with the company's cost structures. The continuous inventory monitoring facilitated by tools like JDisc enhanced domain visibility, and our quarterly delivery highlight reports allowed the company to focus on core business activities while maintaining updated insight into their IT environment.


    As a result, our customer achieved significant savings of $87K through strategic management and optimization of Microsoft software and data center products.

    An additional savings of $184K was identified for future renewal periods of Microsoft Project. Furthermore, a potential savings range of $450-750k was identified across several Microsoft data center titles, subject to a positive cost-benefit analysis of workload reconfiguration.

    In total, SHI’s ITAM experts helped our customer save up to almost $1M.

    “Our services enabled our customer to focus on core business activities while maintaining updated insight into their IT environment.”

    - SHI’s Software Asset Management Services team


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