Case Study:

Insurance Company Refreshes 4,000+ Devices in Hundreds of Offices Across the U.S.

SHI helps manage and deliver end-to-end services during seamless transition


Customer Profile

A large U.S. insurance company


The customer needed to perform a hardware refresh/re-imaging of over 4,000 employee devices without disrupting ongoing business operations.


End-User Solutions
IT Lifecycle

SHI performed a full array of services, including site audits, hardware refresh and re-imaging services, data migration, application installation, and project reporting for over 100 offices throughout the U.S.


  • Valuable technical expertise helped the customer’s minimum resources
  • Project management ensured the customer remained on schedule
  • The customer saved time, hassle and money on resources and personnel

Publicly, mergers and acquisitions are all about aligning strategies, cutting costs and offering the consumer a more competitive product. But to IT departments, the logistics that go into meeting those goals without disruption are complex.


Following a merger, a large U.S. insurance company needed to convert over 4,000 employee laptops from one set of company standards to the other, without disrupting ongoing business operations. A hardware refresh/re-imaging of over 4,000 laptops of various models and manufacturers was a necessary evil, but nevertheless one that overwhelmed the insurer. The acquiring company did not have the resources or time needed to efficiently perform the refresh, nor did they have the capability to deliver new devices to all employees throughout their 100+ nationwide locations.


Having successfully completed similar projects in the past, SHI’s lifecycle services team and solutions architects stepped in to provide technical expertise along with a dedicated special project manager. Working alongside multiple lead and field technicians, the extended team ensured the refresh remained on schedule.

SHI provided a full array of services through the Knox Integration Center, including the procurement and kitting of hardware, the re-imaging of existing technology, data migration, application installation, asset tagging and project reporting. SHI’s lead and field technicians also conducted site audits (to determine how many devices the customer was using) to help plan an appropriate timeline and properly manage the supply chain.

In the end, SHI saved the customer valuable time and money on resources and personnel they couldn’t afford to allocate for the project. SHI’s technical expertise and project management support provided real-time project status and insight which allowed for the scheduling of services at specific locations.

After completing the six-month project, SHI helped the client augment their current internal helpdesk staff.