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APC - Power cable - IEC 60320 C13 to NEMA 5-15 (M)

APC power cable - 61 cm

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 61 cm
  • black
  • for P/N: SU1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U-TU, SUA3000
APC - Power cable - IEC 60320 C13 to NEMA 5-15 (M)
  • 61 cm
  • black
  • for P/N: SU1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U-TU, SUA3000
  Additional Details
Price: €48.00
MSRP: €49.00
Mfr Part #: AP9891
SHI Part #: 14707016
Category: Power cord
UNSPSC: 26121636
Manufacturer: APC by Schneider Electric
Product Type: Hardware


APC Rack Side Air Distribution 115V 60HZ fan unit - 2U
  • Fan unit
  • black
  • 2U
  • for P/N: AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106SP, AR9300SP, AR9300SP-R, AR9307SP, AR9307SP-R, SRT1000RMXLI
MSRP €843.00 €635.00
General Information
CategoryPower cord
DescriptionAPC - Power cable - IEC 60320 C13 to NEMA 5-15 (M) - 61 cm - black - for P/N: SU1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U, SUA1000RM2U-TU, SUA3000
ManufacturerAPC by Schneider Electric
Main Specifications
Cable TypePower cable
Header / BrandAPC
Left Connector TypePower IEC 60320 C13
Length61 cm
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Right Connector TypePower NEMA 5-15
Service & Support / Type2-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForP/N: DLA2200, DLA750, SC450R1X542, SC620X565, SCL400RMJ1U, SCL500RM1UC, SCL500RM1UNC, SMC1000, SMC1000-2U, SMC1000-2UC, SMC1000-2UTW, SMC1000C, SMC1000TW, SMC1500, SMC1500-2U, SMC1500-2UC, SMC1500-2UTW, SMC1500C, SMC1500I, SMC1500I-2U, SMC1500I-2UC, SMC1500IC, SMC1500TW, SMT1000, SMT1000C, SMT1000J, SMT1000J3W, SMT1000J5W, SMT1000JOS3, SMT1000JOS5, SMT1000JOS6, SMT1000RM2U, SMT1000RM2UC, SMT1000US, SMT1200RMJ1U, SMT1500, SMT1500C, SMT1500J, SMT1500NC, SMT1500R2-NMC, SMT1500R2X122, SMT1500R2X180, SMT1500RM1U, SMT1500RM2U, SMT1500RM2UC, SMT1500RM2UNC, SMT1500RM2UTW, SMT1500RMI1U, SMT1500RMJ2U, SMT1500RMUS, SMT1500TW, SMT1500US, SMT1500X413, SMT1500X448, SMT2200R2X106, SMT2200R2X180, SMT2200RM2U, SMT2200RM2UC, SMT2200RM2UNC, SMT2200RM2UTW, SMT2200RMUS, SMT30002U-BR, SMT3000R2X145, SMT3000R2X180, SMT3000RM2U, SMT3000RM2UC, SMT3000RM2UNC, SMT3000RM2UTW, SMT3000RMJ2U, SMT3000RMUS, SMT500J, SMT500J5W, SMT500JOS5, SMT750, SMT750C, SMT750J, SMT750J3W, SMT750J5W, SMT750JOS3, SMT750JOS5, SMT750JOS6, SMT750R2-NMC, SMT750R2X122, SMT750RM2U, SMT750RM2UC, SMT750RM2UNC, SMT750TW, SMT750US, SMTL1000RM2UC, SMTL750RM2UC, SMX1000, SMX1000C, SMX1000US, SMX1500RM2U, SMX1500RM2UNC, SMX1500RMNCUS, SMX1500RMUS, SMX2000LV, SMX2000LVNC, SMX2000LVNCUS, SMX2000LVUS, SMX2000RMLV2U, SMX2000RMLV2UNC, SMX2200RMLV2U, SMX2200RMLVUS, SMX2KR2UNCX145, SMX2KRMLVNCUS, SMX3000LV, SMX3000LV2U-BR, SMX3000LVNC, SMX3000LVNCUS, SMX3000LVUS, SMX3000RMJ2U, SMX3000RMLV2U, SMX3000RMLV2UNC, SMX3000RMLVUS, SMX3KRMLVNCUS, SMX750, SMX750NC, SMX750-NMC, SMX750US, SU3000RMJ3U3W, SU3000RMJ3UOS3, SUA1000-BR, SUA1000RM2UTW, SUA1500-BR, SUA1500RM2U-BR, SUA2200R3XLNETPKG, SUA2200RM2UTW, SUA2200TW, SUA2200XL-NETPKG, SUA3000R3XLNETPKG, SUA3000XL-NETPKG, SUA500XLJ, SUA750R2X122, SURT6KRMXL3U-TF5, SURTA1500RMXL2U, SURTA2000RMXL2U, SURTA2200RMXL2U, SURTA2200RMXL2U-NC, SURTA2200XL, SURTA2400XLJ, SURTA3000RMXL3U, SURTA3000RMXL3U-NC, SURTA3000XLTW, SURTD3KRMXL3U-TF5, SURTD5000RMXLP3U
ConnectorPower IEC 60320 C13
Connector (Second End)Power NEMA 5-15 - male
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Service & Support2-year warranty
Included Qty5
Length61 cm
TypePower cable
Compliant StandardsUL