Case Study:

State University Provides 9,000 Apple iPad Devices to Class of 2024

SHI’s Knox Integration Center boot-checks, kits, and ships each device to its individual address


Customer Profile

State university.


The customer needed to supply 9,000 freshmen with Apple iPad devices for its upcoming 2020-21 school year of remote learning.



SHI boot-checked, kitted and shipped 9,000 devices to their unique student addresses throughout several campus locations in just three months, utilizing CARES Act funding and OMNIA Partners.


Apple Omnia partners


  • Ensured best pricing for 9,000 Apple iPad devices
  • Utilized SHI’s Knox Integration center for boot checking, kitting and shipping to individual addresses
  • Met tight deadline

As the COVID-19 pandemic quickly established what we now know as our “new normal,” many organizations were forced to switch to a new, remote way of doing business – universities included.


A large U.S. university with a nearly 70,000-student population began the 2020-21 school year remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep the Class of 2024 freshmen engaged with distance learning, the university wanted to leverage the CARES Act funding as well as the OMNIA Partners cooperative purchasing contract to supply each student with a device. Once the funding was approved, the customer tasked SHI with selecting, deploying and shipping 9,000 devices over a three-month span.


After reviewing the parameters of the project, SHI helped the university settle on a device. Our experts assembled initial pricing with warranties, SHI services, and shipping for hardware from five different manufacturers. We then crafted a proposal laying out quantities, models, accessories, warranties, services, shipping, and insurance for each option.

Based on pricing through the OMNIA contract, and the vendors' ability to ship the devices within the requested deadline, the customer selected Apple iPad with two years of AppleCare.

SHI’s Knox Integration Center immediately moved forward with boot checks, Apple School Manager (ASM) enrollment, kitting, and shipping to the 9,000 unique addresses spread throughout several campus locations. SHI’s Mobility Solutions team also worked closely with the Apple team to fund custom drawstring bags featuring the logos of the university, SHI and Apple for each kit.

SHI’s Apple team ran multiple rounds of testing on mobile device management (MDM) enrollment solutions and after evaluating their options, the customer chose to go with Intune.

Finally, our project managers ensured every box was checked as we delivered the kitted iPad devices on time to each individual address.

SHI completed the project within the three-month timeframe, enabling the Class of 2024 to enjoy the university’s gift for their first day of classes.