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For 30 years, SHI has been helping organizations get a better deal on selecting, deploying and managing software and hardware. Today that focus on cost optimization extends across the full technology lifecycle with e-procurement systems, zero-touch imaging and configuration and cloud-optimized IT Asset Management services.

SHI helps organizations of all shapes and sizes run extremely cost-effective technology programs that make life easier for you and don't waste a penny.

Did You Know?

In less than 12 months, SHI saved $500,000 by properly identifying license usage and either utilizing or removing unused entitlements.

Helping you Select, Deploy and Manage the right technology at the right price

SHI's focus on long-term business relationships continually unlocks cost savings for customers. By streamlining the acquisition process, optimizing deployment to accelerate time to value and providing ongoing management services that reduce the overall cost of ownership, SHI helps you optimize costs at every stage of the technology lifecycle.

Volume Licensing Programs and Optimization

When it comes to volume licensing and enterprise agreements, no one does it better – or more cost-effectively – than SHI. Our experts know complex licensing schemes inside out and how to get you the right software and usage rights at the best price.

Volume Programs

SHI can help you manage and optimize your volume licensing programs for your most strategic software vendors, from Adobe to Microsoft to VMware. Take advantage of the latest licensing schemes and ensure you enjoy all the benefits of enterprise agreements.

Learn more about SHI Volume Licensing Program Management.

Renewals Management

Ease the burden of managing software renewals across multiple vendors and identify cost saving opportunities through rationalization or consolidation with SHI Renewals Management services.

Learn more about SHI Renewals Management.

ITAM and Software Asset Management

Getting the most value from hardware assets while guarding against overspend on software licenses and even cloud resources, IT Asset Management by SHI delivers significant tangible savings as well as prevents unexpected costs.

Software Asset Management

Optimize your software and licensing costs based on discovering actual deployment and consumption combined with expert licensing knowledge. Guard against overspend and potential compliance risks.

Learn more about SAM Managed Services.

Audit Defense

Take a proactive stance to defending publisher audits with the help of SHI's expert team of SAM professionals. Our three-step audit defense plan will minimize both disruption and costs, helping you successfully fight off unfair claims.

Learn more about Audit Defense Services.

365 and SaaS Cost Optimization

Control the cost and adoption of SaaS apps like Office/Microsoft 365 and Salesforce as well as identify SaaS spend outside of approved procurement channels.

Learn more about 365 Cost Optimization and SaaS Cost Optimization.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Take charge of your multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. See and manage your Azure and AWS cloud costs in a single view with SHI's new SHI One service.

Learn more about Cloud Cost Optimization with SHI One.

Supply Chain and Lifecycle Services

To unlock savings throughout your assets' lifecycle, SHI's experts can help you select, deploy, manage and then recover or retire all types of hardware and even software. Learn more about SHI's added value, from e-procurement to our Integration Centers.


Smart acquisition services from SHI help you recognize immediate cost-savings, with effective e-commerce integrations, inventory management and a range of leasing and financing options available.

Learn more about SHI Acquisition Services.


Whether it means working on-site or employing our innovate SHI Integration Centers to pre-image and configure your technology before it ships to you (or direct to your remote employees), SHI can dramatically streamline the deployment process to save time and money.

Learn more about SHI Deployment Services.


Once deployed, SHI can continue to support your technology solutions with a range of services from Break Fix through the Desktop Support and Warranty Services.

Learn more about SHI Support Services.

Training and Professional Development

To optimize the productivity and creativity of users, SHI offers a wide range of end-user, technical and professional training solutions for all popular applications and vendors.

End-User Training

Give your end users the tools they need to succeed. Our certified experts bring real-world curriculums into the classroom for fast and efficient learning.

Learn more about End-User Training offerings.

Technical Training

Whether simplifying internal operations or generating new business, our courses are designed to ensure your IT staff and end users evolve with emerging technologies.

Learn more about Technical Training offerings.

Professional Development

Choose from a vast selection of Project Management Institute and International Institute of Business Analysis certified courses to improve employee performance.

Learn more about Professional Development offerings.

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SHI's experts make helping you manage costs their #1 priority

Just a sample of the experts working to deliver effective optimization solutions for SHI customers.

Madalina Chirculescu

ITAM Oracle Practice Manager

Madalina is a former Oracle Auditor turned customer advocate! She helps customers mitigate their audit risk, optimize their software usage and save money. Madalina has built ITAM's Oracle Specialty and Audit Defense Consultancy Practice from the ground up with a vision of adding value to clients, acting as extension of their own teams, and providing strategic guidance and support.

Madalina Chirculescu

Michael Kushner

Director, IT Spend Optimization Practice

Michael Kushner is a 25-year IT industry veteran. With extensive experience creating solutions that address IT procurement challenges, his IT Spend Optimization team delivers managed services that help customers manage their long tail spend, save money, reduce their exposure to contractual risk, and generate efficiencies so they can focus on their strategic suppliers.

Michael Kushner

Customers succeed with help from SHI

Learn more about how SHI customers have realized cost savings and IT optimization goals:

Workforce Management Company Saves $500K by Leveraging ITAM Managed Services

SHI's ITAM Team customized a solution to identify license usage and cut costs.

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Utility Company Saves $2.5 Million, Amps Up Productivity with Rugged Laptops

SHI provided logistical support in warehousing, kitting and deploying 3,700 rugged laptops as-needed.

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Louisiana School District Saves 50% while Introducing 'Hi-Tech Learning' with Google Classroom

SHI helps 20 schools roll out 1,500 Chromebooks in support of a student one-to-one initiative.

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Outdoor Advertiser Rolls Out Hundreds of Field Devices Across the U.S.

SHI saves time and money by packaging devices with software and hardware accessories.

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Some of our IT Optimization Partners

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