Next-Generation Infrastructure


SHI can help at every stage of your infrastructure evolution, whether it’s replacing legacy systems to meet changing business models, migrating workloads to the cloud to reduce costs, or modernizing apps and processes to improve agility.

From guiding you through the process of selecting from the very best data center, cloud and networking technologies to providing the professional and managed services to ensure your solutions are designed, delivered and managed effectively, SHI will help you both realize your digital transformation goals and optimize costs.

Data Center and Cloud Solutions

Empower your business to discover new performance levels and to adapt more quickly to changing requirements by modernizing aging data centers, migrating workloads off-premises and taking advantage of hybrid Cloud environments.

Here are just some of the ways SHI can help:

Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Working with the world’s leading infrastructure, tools and cloud service providers, our experts will help you choose between private and public cloud, build the right hybrid or multi-cloud strategy and deliver a roadmap uniquely tailored to your infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

From helping you to assess your current business needs to delivering end-to-end solutions that enable you to adopt modern application platforms, SHI can help you find innovative solutions to updating outdated technologies.

Learn more about Infrastructure Modernization.


By leveraging SHI's VMware Cloud on AWS Services, you can ensure everything from migratinon to day-to-day operations runs smoothly in your hybrid cloud environment.

Learn more about VMC on AWS.

Workload Migration

Cloud Migration Services

SHI's Cloud architects help maintain application availability and data integrity while migrating workloads efficiently to public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

For any size project, SHI offers a range of professional services that accelerates the migration of complex workloads including legacy applications and databases.

Learn more about SHI's Cloud Migration Services.

Cloud Managed Services

With SHI's help, your team will have more time to committ to driving transformation while our ridiculously helpful experts ensure your day-to-day operations are streamlined. From optimizing your cloud spend to ensuring compliance, our managed services can align to your specific business goals.

Learn more about SHI's Cloud Managed Services.

Cloud Providers

Cloud Provider Services

To ensure that you have the maximum choice and flexibility, SHI has built strong relationships with the top Cloud Providers and can help you leverage the full benefits of a well-executed multi-cloud strategy.

Amazon Web Services:
  • SHI provides a full range of services including managed support, storage solutions and VMware Cloud on AWS.
    Learn more about AWS with SHI and AWS Storage Solutions.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP):
  • From dedicated account management to flexible billing and outstanding customer service, leverage the power of GCP with SHI.
    Learn more about  GCP with SHI.
Microsoft Azure:
  • SHI's comprehensive support services for CSP make it fast and easy to get started, quick and efficient to leverage the full range of Azure features.
    Learn more about SHI Support Services for Microsoft CSP.
  • By leveraging SHI's VMware Cloud on AWS Services, you can ensure everything from migratinon to day-to-day operations runs smoothly in your hybrid cloud environment.
    Learn more about  VMC on AWS.

DevOps and App Modernization

App Modernization

Leverage SHI's cloud experts to accelerate your application migration and modernization efforts, with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and hybrid cloud models.

App Modernization with SHI
  • Create app roadmaps based on data-driven decisions.
  • Identify and assess remediation efforts needed for successful app migrations.
  • Delivery, execution and modernization plan to support your migration efforts.
Learn more about Application Modernization.


Deliver the solutions and agility your business needs with help from SHI's DevOps experts, providing tools, best practice advice and professional services to help you break down silos and accelerate project timescales.

DevOps Jumpstart
  • Ensures appropriate alignment on security, governance and required policies through automated and repeatable processes.
  • Reduces operational cost and shortens cycle timescales.
  • Delivers the ability to rapidly adopt new changes and improvements in support of a business outcome.
  • Improves the quality of code.
  • Enablement of a DevOps platform and agile application management concepts.

Cloud Management and Optimization


If you want to build an effective multi-cloud strategy, you'll need to manage multiple platforms and costs in a single view.

Learn more about SHI One.

Cloud Optimization Services

More than just cost analysis, our Cloud Optimization managed and professional services unlock the Cloud's dynamic potential by uniting IT architecture with business governance, combining spend optimization with change management, incident management and security.

Learn more about Cloud Spend Optimization and Cloud Managed Services.


Whether you're optimizing the networking backbone or embracing the advantages of remote and edge technologies, SHI's networking experts can help you achieve a solution that empowers your organization to work smartly, effectively and with minimal overhead.

Networking Solutions

Let SHI ensure that everyone and everthing in your organization is communicating effectively and clearly. With a perfect blend of vendor-agnostic networking options and our certified experts, you will have access to a wide range of services that will help you achieve your IT goals across all aspects of your network.

SHI's ridiculously helpful resources will bring their expertise to these 4 key Networking areas: Wireless, Connectivity, Core, and Remote and Edge.

Learn more about SHI's Networking Solutions.


As your infrastructure and data processing evolves both on-premises and in the cloud, you can rely on SHI’s expertise to store and protect your data efficiently while ensuring your business continuity with a robust DR strategy.


Storage Solutions

SHI's storage-certified experts consult on a variety of storage solutions, including storage area networks (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), backup, converged, hyper-converged, all-flash, cloud storage and more.

Learn more about Storage Solutions.

Amazon Storage Solutions

Meet your storage objectives quicker and more efficiently by working with SHI's cloud experts and SHI's Storage Solutions.

Learn more about AWS Storage Solutions.


Data Protection Solutions

Whatever platform you're using, on-premises or in the cloud, SHI has the experts and technology partnerships to provide effective Data Protection Solutions to meet your needs and keep your crucial data secure.

Learn more about Data Protection Solutions.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery to Cloud

Working with partners like Microsoft and Amazon, SHI offers the most scalable and reliable cloud-based DR solutions, guaranteed to ensure your organization's data is secure and available, no matter what.

Learn more about Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery solutions.


As you manage your infastructure, take advantage of SHI's know-how to ensure a consistent level security across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments for your data and applications.

Application Security

SHI provides complete application security solutions, from threat evaluation and detection through to implementation and customized testing.

Learn more about Application Security and DevSecOps.

Data Center and Cloud

Enjoy the benefits of working in hybrid cloud environments without the additional security risks by working with SHI's experts to design and implement Data Center and Cloud security solutions that are right for your business.

Learn more about Data Center and Cloud security .

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SHI's experts make Data Center and Cloud Modernization a Reality

Meet just some of the team from SHI that is committed to bringing your data center and cloud projects to life.

Tim Henning

Director of Engineering and Architecture

With 30+ years of experience, Tim created an innovative showcase for infrastructure and end-user solutions. The Customer Innovation Center provides services including tours, demos, technical deep dives and more. Customers can engage into full environments, encompassing applications running in the datacenter all the way down to the client device.

Tim Henning

Rachael Lawson

Corp Service Sales IC Operations Team Manager

As the Corp Service Sales Integration Center Operations Team Manager, Rachael and her team provide a best in class, white glove experience to customers specializing in complex data center projects as well as device roll-out opportunities. Her team is responsible for ordering and overseeing order placement and supply chain management activities.

Rachael Lawson

Customers succeed with help from SHI

Learn more about how SHI customers have realized their Data Center and Cloud goals:

Leading U.S. Provider of Hospital Staffing and Administration Services Ensures Remote Employees' Success During COVID-19

SHI stands up Proof of Concept for 2,000 Amazon WorkSpaces.

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New Jersey Manufacturing Company Realizes 60% Cost Optimization by Gaining Insight Into Their Azure Environment

SHI migrates customer's traditional SaaS platform to modern services.

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Global Telecommunications Company Leverages SHI Open Source Project

SHI automates deployment of infrastructure for backend service in the cloud.

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Ross & Baruzzini Implements Custom AWS Landing Zone Solution

SHI devises a multi-partner strategy and empowers a global workforce of remote end users.

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Some of our Data Center and Cloud Partners

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