Case Study:

American designer jeweler migrates to a cost-effective cloud solution

SHI migrates 350 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS for a greater operational model


Customer Profile

A privately held American designer jewelry company, headquartered in New York City, with over 40 U.S. and international boutiques.


The customer needed to migrate its existing on-premises data center infrastructure to a more cost-effective solution.


ITAM and Licensing
Data Center

SHI migrated 350 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, with no impact or disruption to the customer’s business.


AWS vmware


  • Reduced costs by moving to a cloud platform
  • Seamless migration and minimal downtime to business
  • Leveraged existing VMware skillset


The customer’s data center lease was expiring and they needed to evacuate as quickly as possible. This data center was running business-critical applications to support their global business operations, so the customer needed to schedule maintenance windows for migration to minimize downtime. Due to their high data center lease costs, migrating in a cost-saving manner was of major importance.


SHI’s cloud team met with the customer to learn more about their existing data center, and understand their expectations and budget. SHI’s VMware and AWS solution engineers designed a solution which allowed them to seamlessly migrate 350 workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, with no impact or disruption to the customer’s business.SHI successfully onboarded the customer into VMC, configuring network connectivity to on-premises via AWS DX. SHI used HCX to migrate their workloads, which consisted of File, Web, DB, and utility servers. The solution reduced costs by simply shifting the customer’s infrastructure to a more operational model.


The customer reduced its existing data center leasing costs through a seamless migration, while avoiding downtime and disruption to operations. SHI also offered its existing VMware skillset for an easy technology transition.