Threat and Vulnerability Management

A majority of organizations struggle to respond to vulnerabilities. SHI helps you overcome hurdles associated with cybersecurity tools and processes, so you can effectively manage security flaws.

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60% of 2019 data breaches were linked to vulnerabilities where a patch was available, but not applied.*

Staffing concerns and skills gaps have led unpatched software vulnerabilities to become a huge problem for organizations everywhere. SHI helps you identify the devices on your network and accelerate the patching of known flaws, so you can close the door on attackers.

Threat and Vulnerability Management Solutions

Our Threat and Vulnerability Management offerings enable you to successfully uncover and address vulnerabilities with a risk-based approach, and leverage security automation to increase efficiency while reducing risk across your environment.

We help you gain insight into your organization’s mission-critical processes and underlying infrastructure—including clouds, containers and applications—and apply it to the threats and vulnerabilities you face.

Key Focus Areas

  • Endpoint detection and response/endpoint protection platforms
  • Threat intelligence
  • Security information and event management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Patch and configuration management
  • Continuous security and risk monitoring
  • Assessments:
    • Vulnerability and penetration testing
    • Compromise
    • Cloud infrastructure
  • Industrial control systems: IoT and Scada


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Establish threat and vulnerability management objectives and priorities.

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Identify gaps in capabilities and chart a path for improvement.

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Illuminate security weaknesses that could result in compromise.

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Invest in solutions that will have the most impact on your security posture.

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Develop a holistic picture of how you are being targeted.

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Align efforts with regulatory compliance frameworks and industry-supported best practices.

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*Source: Ponemon Institute Costs and Consequences of Gaps in Vulnerability Response