365 Cost Optimization Services

You went to the cloud to make life simpler — to provide staff with the tools they need to be productive no matter where they work, to lighten the load on the IT team and to provide better value to the organization.

But, perhaps you've discovered life isn't quite so easy and you need a helping hand to make the most of your Office and Microsoft 365 investment?

SHI's 365 Cost Optimization services do exactly what they say on the box.

By helping you to understand your entitlements, current usage and user behavior you can empower IT teams to:

Optimize Office 365 and Microsoft 365 provisioning
Select the right subscription levels for users' needs
Identify potential adoption issues
Reduce costs associated with inactive users
Enforce an effective de-provisioning policy
Resolve duplication issues with on-prem licensing

The fastest way to identify cost-savings on the Microsoft estate…

SHI 365 Cost Optimization Services can be deployed and generate findings in less than 24 hours, giving you an incredibly short time-to-value and almost-instant advice on how to find savings on your Microsoft estate.

...leading to smarter decisions in the long term

Immediate cost savings by re-allocating subscriptions or changing subscription levels are just the beginning. Over time, our 365 Cost Optimization service will give you the insight needed to better define future needs, leading to further savings across the Microsoft estate.

Start optimizing your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 estate today – at no cost!

As part of our value add for customers, all organizations that transact their Microsoft licensing through SHI can benefit from a free summary of usage together with indicators of potential savings

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From a helping hand to a fully managed service

For organizations needing more than visibility and key indicators, SHI offers premium services designed to both optimize and ease the process of managing your Office and Microsoft 365 subscriptions.


(12 Month Per User Subscription)

Professional +
(12 Month Minimum Per User Subscription)

Summary of Adoption and Potential Savings
Optimization Recommendations
Integration to On-premises Metering
Contract Review and Recommendations
Implementation of Recommendations
Software Request Portal
Customized Reporting Dashboard
Auto Provisioning/De-provisioning
Maturity and Process Alignment

Don't let your Office and Microsoft 365 subscriptions get away from you,
maintain a tight control on spend and value with SHI's 365 Cost Optimization service.

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