Cloud Workload Migration Services

SHI's cloud architects help maintain application availability and data integrity while migrating workloads efficiently to public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Whether you are moving on-prem workloads – or migrating between cloud providers - SHI's project management and Workload Migration Services utilize best practices developed while supporting the world's most complex cloud environments to ensure your migration path is efficient and secure.

This includes:


Migrating complex workloads including legacy apps and databases


Avoiding vendor lock-in by supporting a multi-cloud environment

Time to value

Increasing time-to-value (TtV) by leveraging SHI’s migration experts


Reducing migration times by automating complex manual tasks


Minimizing or eliminating downtime during migration

It’s your move!

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Take a deep dive into the readiness of your network to move to the cloud – or the health of your existing cloud environment.

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