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Flash Storage

Modernize and simplify IT

Accelerate critical business apps with simplicity, speed, and automation across edge, core, and cloud.

All Flash A800

All-Flash Storage

Combine industry-leading performance, efficiency, and data management with seamless cloud connectivity.


Hybrid-Flash Storage

Deliver a cost-effective solution featuring solid-state drive (SSD) with hard disk (HDD) technology.

Entry-Level All-Flash Storage

Entry-Level All-Flash Storage

Entry-level all-flash with enterprise-grade features.

Cloud Services

Fuel data-driven innovation on your choice of clouds

Deploy workloads to the cloud faster. Tap into the transformative power of the world’s biggest clouds.

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the leading enterprise-grade storage management solution, delivers secure, proven storage management services for the largest clouds.

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Azure NetApp Files

Azure NetApp Files

A Microsoft Azure file storage service built on NetApp technology, giving you the file capabilities in Azure even your core business applications require.

SaaS Backup

SaaS Backup

NetApp SaaS Backup is a secure, cloud-native Software as a Service that protects your mission-critical data against the odds of data loss.

Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights

With Cloud Insights, you can monitor, troubleshoot and optimize all your resources including your public clouds and your private data centers.

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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Build clouds for speed and agility

Only NetApp's enterprise-scale hyperconverged infrastructure lets you consume public cloud services on-premises, run anywhere.

NetApp® HCI

Bring public cloud capabilities to on-premises IT.

Develop modern applications—including cloud native applications—in a production-ready, load-balanced architecture and run consolidated enterprise applications with the availability you need.



Transform your business with all-flash performance, speed and responsiveness.

FlexPod® is an industry-leading converged infrastructure platform that features integrated compute, networking and storage from Cisco and NetApp.



StorageGRID® brings public cloud-inspired capabilities to your private cloud by providing a highly scalable, open, geo-distributed namespace for unstructured data.



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7 Reasons Why NetApp is Best for Flash

Best performance. More efficient. Most cloud-ready.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Datasheet Thumbnail
NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Datasheet

Simple and fast data management in the cloud.

NetApp Aff A-Series Datasheet Thumbnail
NetApp AFF A-Series Datasheet

Leading the future of flash.

NetApp AFF C190 Datasheet Thumbnail
NetApp AFF C190 Datasheet

The NetApp® AFF C190 offers an enterprise-class flash system for an affordable price.

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ONTAP 9 Data Management Software

Simplify your hybrid cloud. Unify your data.

NetApp Cloud Insights Datasheet Thumbnail
NetApp Cloud Insights Datasheet

A new way to monitor all your infrastructure.

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NetApp SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Protect your Office 365 data from threats and accidental deletion.

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NetApp SaaS Backup for Salesforce

Get daily, automated backup and point-in-time, granular restore of your critical Salesforce data.

About NetApp

NetApp is a leader in hybrid cloud data services. We help our customers ensure their data and applications are in the right place at the right time with the right characteristics and capabilities in order to achieve new insights and accelerate innovation.

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As an authorized reseller of NetApp’s product suite, SHI has built a partnership with NetApp that enables digital transformation across all lines of business. NetApp and SHI help organizations thrive by solving challenges through building the right storage and data solutions. Contact SHI 

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