Case Study:

Outdoor Advertiser Rolls Out Hundreds of Field Devices Across the U.S.

SHI saves time and money by packaging Surface Pro devices with software and hardware accessories


Customer Profile

A global outdoor advertising company.


The customer needed to equip over 600 of its sales reps in 160 locations across the U.S. with lighter and faster laptops for use in the field.


End-User Solutions
IT Lifecycle

SHI executed a "soup-to-nuts" solution, performing a phased rollout of 660 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices, complete with the software, docking stations, cables, 1,200 double ViewSonic monitors, and full services, including imaging, asset tagging, kitting and custom configurations.


Microsoft viewsonic


  • SHI's Integration Center helped the customer execute an otherwise complex project quickly and efficiently, saving them valuable time and resources.
  • The customer has modern, up-to-date devices with current licensing.
  • SHI and Microsoft offered special pricing and additional funding for the project.

Much like this case study, billboards only get a few precious seconds of your time to get their point across. As brands look to expand their reach, it's companies like this advertising firm – and the sales reps who represent them – that really help make a difference.


A global outdoor advertising company - known for helping both national brands and local businesses reach broader audiences - was trying to appeal to its own field reps by equipping them with lighter and faster mobile devices. Aging laptops were proving both inefficient and put the company at risk for falling out of security compliance. With 600 sales reps spread across 160 locations throughout the U.S., the customer knew a complete device refresh without disrupting daily operations would require engaging the right solutions provider.

As a customer since 2001, the advertising firm already knew the value provided by SHI's one-stop-shop approach and the project began.


Considering all remote locations, the advertising firm needed a "soup-to-nuts" solution in which the hardware arrived pre-loaded with its proprietary and security software, ready to go. With the help of SHI's Microsoft, Mobility and Professional Services teams, the client evaluated and tested technology from various OEMs. Ultimately, the customer decided to roll out (660) Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices, complete with docking stations, cables and (1,200) double ViewSonic monitors. Packaged at these quantities, SHI secured special pricing and deployment funding to cover the costs of the integrated services.

SHI's Integration Center technicians served as an extension of the advertiser's small IT staff, performing the imaging, asset tagging, kitting and custom software configuration for each device. Having the asset tagging performed by SHI's Integration Center was a huge bonus to the customer, as they had never before attempted it themselves, and doing it in-house would have tied them up for weeks.

The rollout to all 160 locations took place in several phases over the course of four months – meeting each regional deadline and exceeding the customer's original expectations.

Aside from saving the customer time and money on the hardware side, SHI provided volume license consultation in procuring the necessary Microsoft Office licenses, and offered Helpdesk support to ensure the firm's IT staff would not be overloaded with calls from end users receiving new equipment.