VMware Virtual Network Assessment

Discover the value of VMware NSX in your network with the VMware Virtual Network Assessment (VNA)!

SHI’s VMware-dedicated team works with you for one week to install necessary software, analyze your environment, and provide business and technical recommendations. Upon completion, the VNA process will help you:


Identify security gaps


Optimize network traffic


Understand data center traffic profile

How It Works

Once installed, the VNA tool collects data from your network traffic, produces a summary report on security risks (East-West traffic) and provides actionable micro-segmentation recommendations.

East-West (Server-to-Server) Traffic

The VNA will show you what percentage of your data center traffic is not protected by your perimeter firewall so you can make the right decisions to stay safe.


The VNA will provide you a preview of how to micro-segment your network and recommends firewall rules to get you started.

Why SHI for the VNA

With an extensive VMware-dedicated team consisting of pre-sales support, technical pre-sales and senior renewals specialists, we have the experience and know-how to guide you toward a safer, more efficient network.

Contact us today to learn more about how the VNA can optimize your network!

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