Humans are the New Perimeter.

Forcepoint protects your data and users … whoever and wherever they are.

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About Forcepoint

Forcepoint is a leading user and data protection cybersecurity company, entrusted to safeguard organizations while driving digital transformation and growth. Our solutions adapt in real-time to how people interact with data, providing secure access while enabling employees to create value. Watch Video 

Partnership with SHI

SHI is one of Forcepoint’s top partners, achieving a Platinum certification. SHI demonstrates both commitment and competency in offering Forcepoint’s user and data protection solutions. Forcepoint is a select Enterprise partner for SHI, highlighting its unique abilities to help secure SHI’s customers’ digital transformation initiatives. Contact SHI 

Dynamic Data Protection

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Forcepoint Enterprise Data Protection Solutions, Explained.

11 points to keep top-of-mind while evaluating different data security solutions.

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Remote Workforce Security

Harness the flexibility to safeguard work

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What Every CEO Needs to know About Cybersecurity.

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Know who to trust. Know what to stop.

Our Platform

Products Overview

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Cloud Security

Inspecting web content to prevent users from accessing inappropriate websites and security risks while browsing the internet.

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Network Security

Keeping attackers out starts with better visibility into people's actions across the network.

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Data and Insider Threat Security

Understanding behavior helps protect data from malicious and unintentional acts.

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Domain Security

Improving efficiency through secure multi-network access

Data and IP


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Modernize Your Data Protection

Learn how Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Fingerprinting can follow your critical IP wherever it goes.

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Visibility and control over cloud apps

Discover cloud application use, analyze risk, and enforce appropriate controls for SaaS and custom applications.

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Most complete email protection and visibility

Master keeping the bad actors staying away in a complex IT environment with Forcepoint AMD (Advance Malware Protection) for Web and Email Security.


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Market Guide for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention
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Forrester TEI of Forcepoint's Cloud and Email Security Cloud

Cloud and Network


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Web security for tomorrow's global workforce

Find out how Forcepoint has the most complete and secure application controls in the web security space.

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Complete security for all cloud applications

Learn what Forcepoint offers: One CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) platform. Multiple cloud applications. Multiple integrations. Better results.

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Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention and Microsoft Information Protection

Automate detection, validation and application of classification labels.


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Gartner Report: The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud

Insider Threat


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What is insider risk?

Learn what is means to be able to get a deep collection and forensics for unrivaled visibility

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Protecting the workforce

Laws and regulations differ around the globe. At the same time multiple business stakeholders are involved.

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Stop and discover insider threat

Forcepoint’s uniquely powerful analytics finds malicious insiders no matter how hard they try to hide.

Use Cases

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Magna Chip Case Study

Avoiding potential data loss incidents in advance by monitoring user

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Enterprise Energy Provider

Focusing on user and system behavior safeguarding critical assets and business functionality


Additional Use Cases

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Prepaid payment card company trusts Forcepoint to safeguard customer data in ultra-competitive market.

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Health Care

Hospital immunizes against data breaches while improving patient care.

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National supermarket chain experiences fewer security incidents, improved stability, and reduced downtime.

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Defense contractor faces down world’s most sophisticated cyber threats to help keep the nation safe.

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