SHI helps a large law firm improve its software license position and realize huge savings

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An American law firm that represents a range of clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies.


SHI’s ITAM team identified $1.6 million in hard savings on a future software renewal.

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$1.6 million

Identified hard savings to be achieved upon renewal of a software license

$2 million

Eliminated audit fees from a major publisher

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Helping the customer manage compliance risks and optimization opportunities

SHI provides a large law firm with valuable insight into their license position.


A U.S.-based law firm with more than 300 attorneys across thirteen offices needed a robust and reliable service to construct and manage their license positions, deliver in-depth governance reports for multiple environments, and provide timely identification and mitigation of risks and optimization opportunities. They turned to SHI’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) team for help.


The customer entered into a managed service agreement with SHI. This allows SHI to manage the customer’s software licensing positions consistently by integrating all entitlements, installations, access, and both direct and indirect usage through JDisc and the Management Information Exchange platforms. We provide license expertise in identifying, evaluating, and managing non-compliance across software and cloud vendors. We also develop efficient remediation strategies.

As part of the managed service, we teach the customer to manage technical and commercial actions to tackle compliance risks and optimization opportunities in-house. We also identify security risks through regular quarterly deliveries.


As a result of our partnership, we eradicated over $2 million in audit fees from one major publisher during the service initiation. The customer has achieved reductions in support and maintenance. Additionally, we identified $1.6 million of hard savings to be achieved on one of their largest software licenses at a future renewal.

“As a result of our partnership, we eradicated over $2 million in audit fees from one major publisher during the service initiation.”


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