SHI helps insightsoftware integrate and streamline over 200 Azure subscriptions

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insightsoftware transforms financial data accessibility and integration across global enterprises.


SHI crafted an Azure landing zone and utilized Azure Lighthouse to manage and secure insightsoftware's sprawling subscriptions.

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    SHI helped insightsoftware consolidate and manage over 200 Azure subscriptions.

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    The Azure landing zone provides a framework for future expansion of the environment.

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    Azure Lighthouse lets insightsoftware manage various external subscriptions from a single pane of glass.

    SHI helped insightsoftware build a framework to integrate over 200 Azure subscriptions and ease future expansion.


    insightsoftware’s mission is to make financial data more accessible, offering solutions that touch every aspect of an organization’s financial operations. In order to expand their portfolio and market reach, they made a number of acquisitions in just a few years. This rapid expansion created a unique challenge: managing more than 200 Azure subscriptions across multiple international tenants. Integration and standardization were essential, so insightsoftware turned to SHI for assistance in bringing structure to the chaos.


    SHI worked with insightsoftware on a two-fold solution. First, we would create an Azure landing zone as a pristine, validated target environment to absorb as many compatible external tenants as possible. We held collaborative sessions to determine the long-term plan for the landing zone, considering factors like security, networking, governance, and future workloads. The landing zone provided a standardized environment with pre-defined naming conventions, policies, and governance structures, creating consistency across all the integrated tenants.

    For those Azure tenants that weren’t easily integrated into the landing zone, we implemented Azure Lighthouse to provide visibility and control. This allows insightsoftware to manage those acquired subscriptions using their own standard Azure identity accounts without the multi-year development effort and potential disruption of a full migration.

    Due to the ongoing discovery of additional Azure tenants, we helped insightsoftware evaluate the challenges and opportunities for migrating these existing subscriptions. The results were categorized based on the level of difficulty to help determine future efforts required.


    As a result of this collaborative project that concluded in February 2024, insightsoftware now has a well-managed and secure Azure environment. With a solid foundation in place, they can more easily scale by leveraging the landing zone as a model for additional subscriptions. By utilizing Azure Lighthouse, they can manage additional subscriptions from a single pane of glass using the identities mapped in their primary Azure tenant.

    “We put a structure in place so they could absorb these acquisitions in a more streamlined way.”

    - SHI Sr. Solutions Architect


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