SHI architects Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution for insightsoftware

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insightsoftware is a global resource planning and performance management provider.


SHI introduced AWS Control Tower into the customer’s environment to align with their need for security, governance, and visibility.

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    Enhanced governance

    insightsoftware can now manage their AWS environment through a single dashboard.

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    AWS Premier Consulting Partner

    The customer felt comfortable with SHI’s proven methodology for migrating accounts and services into AWS.

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    Secure and compliant

    insightsoftware was able to realize the full value of their cloud investment thanks to SHI’s AWS expertise.

    SHI architected an all-encompassing solution to enable the customer to provision, deploy, and manage their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.


    insightsoftware, a leading financial planning and performance management business supporting over 32,000 organizations worldwide, was looking to establish a secure and scalable multi-account AWS environment that also integrated with their identity provider (IdP). With a variety of AWS accounts already in use, the customer wanted to create a landing zone that abided by AWS best practices for account management, governance, and integration.

    Because they had quickly adopted public cloud services, the customer had concerns about resource sprawl, overspending on services, security, and compliance. So, in January 2023 they turned to SHI – an AWS Premier Consulting Partner – for help.


    Over the course of Q1, SHI assessed the customer’s environment along with their IdP to better understand what they would need to successfully migrate, optimize, modernize, and manage their AWS infrastructure. Using a multi-step approach to align with their specific needs, SHI was able to set up AWS Control Tower by April 2023, which includes:

    • AWS Landing Zone, a scalable and secure multi-account environment.
    • IAM Identity Center, which regulates access to AWS accounts within the landing zone.
    • AWS Control Tower Account Factory, which provides automated account provisioning.
    • Security controls, which allow for ongoing governance through high-level rules.
    • AWS Health Dashboard, which offers oversight of provisioned accounts across the enterprise.
    • AWS Service Catalog, which enables admins to distribute products to end users through a personalized portal.


    insightsoftware now has a well-governed and integrated account management solution to ensure the success of their cloud adoption. With added visibility and control of their AWS accounts, they have a secure, managed, and cost-effective process for deploying resources across their business. SHI ensured they were compliant with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which covers:

    • Operational excellence, so they can support and run workloads effectively.
    • Security measures to protect data, systems, and assets.
    • Reliability, to ensure workloads and resources perform consistently.
    • Performance efficiency, to ensure computing resources meet the customer’s business requirements.
    • Cost optimization so the organization can run systems and deliver business value at the lowest possible price point.
    • Sustainability measures to address the long-term environmental, economic, and social impact of the customer’s business activities.

    SHI’s commitment to optimizing and accelerating cloud adoption, along with over 300 in-house AWS certifications, provided insightsoftware with the confidence they needed to seamlessly transform and protect their environment.

    “With added visibility and control of their AWS accounts, insightsoftware now has a secure, managed, and cost-effective process for deploying resources across their business.”

    - SHI Staff


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