Micro-hospital operator saves $600K in upcoming Microsoft audit

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A large U.S. micro-hospital operator.


SHI performed an ITAM Baseline Assessment to identify and remediate any potential licensing gaps.

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    SHI helped reduce the customer’s compliance risk by $600K ahead of audit.

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    SHI helped the customer gain visibility into their Microsoft software license entitlements and usage.


    The customer had over 1,200 software assets at stake.

    SHI’s Microsoft experts help customer get licensing up to date after receiving audit letter.


    After going through several expansions to accommodate for rapid growth, a large U.S. micro-hospital operator – with over 25 facilities and 1,600 employees – received an audit letter from Microsoft.

    With their Microsoft agreement’s renewal date fast approaching, and with over 1,200 software assets at stake, the customer reached out to SHI for help.


    SHI performed an ITAM Baseline Assessment to review the customer’s Microsoft software usage and to help identify and remediate any potential licensing gaps.

    Utilizing JDisc, a zero-footprint network discovery and inventory collection tool, SHI scanned the network to identify all Microsoft software, analyzing and setting up procedures to collect Microsoft software installation, deployment, and usage information from all devices company-wide.

    It was through this assessment that SHI was able to identify that the customer lacked over 2,700 Windows Server User CALs and over 70 Windows Enterprise licenses – a gap amounting to approximately $900K.


    After assessing the customer’s entire Microsoft infrastructure, SHI was able to provide the customer with the appropriate licenses and technical guidance to close their licensing gaps.

    In just over four months, SHI optimized the initial exposure – bringing it down to a residual $300K.

    SHI continues to provide ongoing Audit Management consultancy services to the customer, supporting them with the management of all Microsoft licensed software products.

    “In just over four months, SHI optimized the initial exposure – bringing it down to a residual $300K.”

    - SHI's experts


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