SHI solves nonprofit’s cloud issues with long-term solutions and services

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A national nonprofit organization.


The critical content management system needed to quickly meet service guidelines while day-to-day operations carried on.

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Microsoft Azure


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    Rightsized resources

    Underlying resources now meet the service-level objectives

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    Nonprofit now has better visibility into cloud spend, usage, and governance support

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    Solved big issues

    Service availability and performance issues are no more

    A national nonprofit organization was able to get the long-term solution they needed without sacrificing their day-to-day operations.


    The customer’s existing service provider was not meeting their service objectives, resulting in a critical content management system failing to meet service guidelines. These applications needed to be online with an expected uptime for applications availability of 99.9%, but the customer didn’t have the technical team in-house to manage and maintain these systems. This created a new challenge in keeping the business operating and meeting government regulations.

    With limited internal resources, the nonprofit turned to SHI for help.


    SHI’s cloud team validated the existing solution against best practices and evaluated system performance against their stated goals and objectives. After completing a comprehensive Cloud Assessment, SHI onboarded the customer’s Azure footprint of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) VMs and two main workloads into the Azure Public Cloud.

    Utilizing our Cloud Managed Services, SHI ensured effective daily operations by managing the customer's cloud environment with 24/7 support. The cloud team also securely monitored, patched, and performed daily backups of all systems with visibility in SHI One — a one-stop cloud and services management platform.

    To meet the customer's evolving and ever-changing cloud needs, SHI rightsized the company's resources to meet the necessary service-level objectives and adopted automation to address common system management tasks. In addition, SHI's managed database add-on provided full database management and supported their SQL Server database servers.


    The managed service solution offered numerous short- and long-term benefits, including:

    • Addressing service availability and performance issues.
    • Freeing up the customer's bandwidth by streamlining their day-to-day operation.
    • Providing guidance on best practices.
    • Rightsizing underlying resources.
    • Improving visibility into the customer's cloud spend, usage, and governance support.

    Since the completion of the project, SHI has helped the customer with additional cloud and on-premises data center initiatives, thus becoming an integral part of their team.

    “With limited internal resources, the nonprofit turned to SHI for help.”

    - SHI Account Executive


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