Leading financial company re-platforms entire codebase with Terraform Open Source

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A globally operating peer-to-peer money transfer company based in the U.S.


SHI converted the Infrastructure as Code from Terragrunt to Terraform Open Source, then leveraged Terraform Import to manage the existing environment deployed through Terragrunt.

Business of IT  |  Financial Services & Insurance  |  IT Lifecycle Management



Atlassian Bitbucket

HashiCorp Terraform


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    Mountains of code

    We re-platformed our globally operating customer’s entire codebase without jeopardizing business continuity.

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    Future-proof solution

    We empowered our customer to future-proof their operations with repeatable, codified processes

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    Always in the know

    Our experts hosted hands-on demos and proofs of concept with the customer, guaranteeing the best results.

    SHI helps a leading money financial organization reduce manual configuration strain and maximize cost savings through Terraform Cloud.


    A globally operating peer-to-peer money transfer company was utilizing a third-party consultant to write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) via Terragrunt, an open-source wrapper around Terraform.

    Due to staffing shortages and a lack of knowledge transfer for Terragrunt, the customer pivoted to managing their workloads through Terraform Cloud. However, to the customer’s surprise, Terraform Cloud didn’t directly support Terragrunt.

    The customer needed SHI’s help to get their IaC back on track.


    SHI set out to re-platform the customer’s entire codebase to Terraform Open Source, then migrate it to Terraform Cloud.

    We created a roadmap for converting the IaC from Terragrunt toTerraform Open Source, then established a repeatable process leveraging Terraform Import to create a new state file, managingthe existing environment deployed through Terragrunt.

    SHI provided demos and gave the customer hands-on sessions showcasing the capability and functionality of our proposed solutions. Then, we created a proof of concept for their Terraform Cloud-managed sandbox environment simulating the go-live of their new SaaS.

    SHI delivered the solution by integrating a Bitbucket repository to Terraform Cloud and managing code updates via Git. We thenmanaged the state file via Terraform Cloud.


    Leveraging SHI’s coding experts enabled our customer to:

    • Reduce administrative strain through Terraform Cloud SaaS
    • Reduce manual configuration through a repeatable, codified application deployment structure
    • Claim cost savings through Terraform Cloud cost estimator
    • Manage workloads per environment via individual Terraform Workspaces
    “Our proof of concept simulated the go-live of the customer’s new Terraform Cloud SaaS, so they knew exactly what their deployment would look like.”

    - SHI


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