Global insurance leader achieves 70% Microsoft Azure cost reduction with SHI

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A global leader in specialty insurance that provides insurance, reinsurance, and mortgage insurance.


SHI provided Microsoft Azure optimizations and insights, reducing compute costs by 70% and saving $170K/month.

Business of IT  |  Financial Services & Insurance  |  ITAM and SAM


Microsoft Azure



    Reduced compute costs by 70% with strategic purchases of reserved instances and savings plans.


    Identification of $170K per month of savings across their Azure environment.



    Improved overall efficiency and increased customer satisfaction by identifying and optimizing idle resources.

    A global insurance leader reduced Microsoft Azure costs by 70%, saving $170K per month, and enhanced service efficiency through SHI's expert services.


    A leading global insurance organization was facing significant challenges in managing its Azure services. Despite spending a substantial amount each month, they had difficulty tracking their progress and making data-driven decisions due to insufficient transparency.

    They needed a partner to help them develop their own Financial Operations (FinOps) practice to better manage their cloud costs while also educating their internal team. SHI became that partner.


    To help the customer overcome their challenges, we provided a comprehensive range of services. We assisted the customer in purchasing both Microsoft Azure reservations and savings plans and provided the customer with regular delivery updates to illustrate the value derived from their investments and suggest potential areas for improvement.

    We offered weekly delivery highlight reports that were generated through continuous analysis of the current state of the customer's business and provided recommendations for further action to meet their evolving needs. This service allowed the customer to focus on their core business activities while SHI managed the rest. We also provided the customer with actionable insights based on analyzing usage and metrics across their Azure environment, enabling the customer to make informed optimization decisions.


    The solutions provided by SHI led to significant improvements. Notably, the strategic purchase of reserved instances and savings plans resulted in a 70% reduction in compute costs.

    Our approach helped identify potential savings of $170K per month across the Azure environment. By identifying idle and underutilized resources, the efficiency and quality of Azure services were significantly improved, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Our development of a framework that facilitated better coordination and cooperation among various stakeholders has created a more streamlined and effective operation.

    “By identifying idle and underutilized resources, the efficiency and quality of Azure services were significantly improved, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.”

    - SHI experts


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