SHI helps a global telecom giant improve its long-term sustainability efforts

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A global telecommunications conglomerate that builds award-winning networks for businesses and consumers


SHI’s ITAM team provided the customer with valuable insights to help them reach their sustainability goals.

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    The customer has a clear path to improving their environmental sustainability over the long term.

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    $220K to $600K

    Saved over the next four years

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    Actionable insights

    Classifying servers according to energy consumption and carbon emissions allows for better planning.

    By analyzing carbon emissions and energy consumption, SHI provides a path toward greater sustainability.


    A global IT network and communications provider wanted greater insight into the environmental impact of their physical server environment. They hoped to prepare for upcoming regulatory demands, and the end goal was to offer a sustainable solution that would appeal to their customer base. They brought in SHI for assistance.


    SHI’s IT asset management (ITAM) team compiled a comprehensive sustainability profiling report for two of their core data centers as a proof of concept. We then analyzed the age and efficiency of their servers as well as their overall energy consumption and carbon emissions, utilizing a standard grading system to classify the servers in use.

    Using existing inventory data feeds from their standing managed service with us, we were able to provide actionable insights at no cost and with no effort from the customer.


    Overall, the ITAM team found that the company could reduce:

    • Carbon emissions by 82%.
    • Energy consumption by 21.7M kWh.
    • CO2e emissions by 8,300 metric tonnes.

    What’s more, they saved $1.8 million at today’s energy prices by repurposing servers pending decommission or retirement that were rated A-C. By improving server efficiency, SHI also determined that the company could realize:

    • Energy savings of 18-50% per server.
    • Lower CO2e by 400-550 tonnes.
    • Cost savings of $220,000 to $600,000 over the next four years through BIOS modifications on low-risk configurations.

    This process helped prepare the customer for potential SEC legislation around sustainability by providing annual Scope 2 and 3 emissions, as SHI helped them identify clear targets using server age and grading analysis.

    “The ITAM team found that the company could reduce carbon emissions by 82%, energy consumption by 21.7M kWh, and CO2e emissions by 8,300 metric tonnes.”

    - SHI’s ITAM experts


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