GCI leans on SHI's decades of licensing experience to gain visibility and realize huge savings.

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GCI is Alaska's largest telecommunications company, providing high-speed connectivity to 97% of Alaskans.


SHI's ITAM team optimized GCI's licensing position, providing insights that saved them millions.

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SHI’s ITAM team identified $346 million of risk in GCI’s licensing position.



GCI was able to save on costs across multiple vendor agreements.

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GCI and SHI entered into a multi-year managed service agreement.

SHI’s decades of licensing experience helps GCI optimize their licensing position.


GCI Communication Corp is not only Alaska's largest telecommunications provider covering 97% of Alaskans, but they're also one of the largest employers in the state with over 1,800 employees. They've invested over $4 billion in connecting Alaskans to high-speed internet and mobile services, utilizing fiber, microwave, and satellite technology.

Building and maintaining this complex infrastructure in such remote areas requires substantial support, and GCI utilizes several software solutions to keep their operations functioning.

GCI found that they needed better visibility into their licensing agreements and a partner with the expertise to navigate their complex software environments. They looked to SHI for help.


GCI brought in SHI's IT Asset Management (ITAM) team to conduct an Optimized License Position (OLP) assessment for each of their software partners. The team performed a deep dive of GCI's standing agreements, analyzing contracts and licensing terms, purchase history, and utilization. They looked for licensing shortfalls, compliance risks, and any areas of overspend.


The ITAM team identified $346 million of risk and $1.7 million of cost avoidance across multiple vendor agreements, allowing GCI to optimize their position and realize massive savings.

By leveraging SHI's decades of licensing experience, GCI gained valuable insight into their software usage. As a result, GCI has entered into a multi-year managed service agreement with SHI to ensure they maintain the same level of visibility into their licensing positions over the long term.

“The reason we went with this service is to ensure we are working our way towards recognizing the overage and savings discovered. We wanted a third party to help with our position to realize those findings.”

- GCI VP of Cloud Platform


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